Dog Grooming Services
Here is some basic information on packages and specialty services we offer at Salon Paws. All pricing for Standard Services vary by breed, coat type & condition and temperament of dog.
Standard Services
•  Bath:
  2 baths to cleanse all the way to the skin Conditioning
Fluff dried and brushed out
Nails trimmed
Ears cleaned

Mini Groom:
  Includes all of the above plus face, feet and fanny trim up

Full Groom: Salon Paws Dog Grooming provides Dog hair trimming and show dog clipping services in New Prague, MN
  Includes all of the above and a breed specific trim or styled to your liking

Puppies 1st:
  Includes bath using gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner
Hand held fluff dried and brushed out
Nails trimmed
Ears inspected and gently cleaned if needed
Specialty Services
•  Teeth Brushing De-Shed:
Blueberry Facial  
* This is a protein enriched shampoo and a special hydrating conditioner that feature coat release technology. These products, plus skilled drying techniques, combined with lots of brushing truly removes excess shedding hair.
Glands Expressed
Nails Filed
Paw Pad Revitalizer
Whiten and Brighten Shampoo

Services Policies
Proof of rabies is required by Salon Paws and the city of New Prague. If your pet can not have the vaccination due to allergies, a signed note or call from your vet will be required.
Flea & Tick:
For the health and well being of all of the dogs we tend to we require that all flea & tick infestations be fully treated prior to visiting Salon Paws.
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